Interior architecture


Interior architecture

Interior architecture as an aid to transparency and perfection

In the spirit of transparent architecture – as defined by C. Rowe and R. Slutzky in their essay, “Transparency” – a building is transparent when the individual levels of perception, floor plans and façades, both external and internal, are dependent on and elucidate one another.

We are convinced that a compelling overall concept truly comes to fruition when architecture and interior design are developed in parallel from a very early stage of the design process, and so can coalesce to a balanced, i.e. transparent whole.

This process of coalescence is vital for us, and to ensure that it is realised on a permanent basis, we have an outstanding interior designer, Silvia Filippelli, on our team. She leads our interior design services and regularly delights us and our clients with her creative concepts, which are simultaneously soulful, refined and sophisticated.

Reorganisation of existing buildings

Sometimes the scope of our services is limited to reorganising the interior of an existing building, because even a building which is listed or otherwise worth preserving can be transformed into a completely new organism, although at first sight the options may seem limited.

Interior design is a powerful tool in this context, although it is often underestimated: from a “simple” material and colour scheme through to a radical reorganisation of whole rooms, we have a wide range of capabilities for giving your family house or your workplace a new, unmistakable and personal touch.

We can respond to any interior design challenge: talk to us and tell us what you are not happy with!

Houses in Zumikon, Switzerland


Houses in Zumikon, Switzerland

Direct contract, 2013

Zumikon is situated on the outskirts of Zürich, with good connections to private and public transport and easy access to schools.

These two houses in a prime location have been built with state-of-the-art construction methods, high-quality architecture and exclusive interior design.

One particular feature of the designs is the seamless connection and continuity between the interior living room and the kitchen with dining area on the one hand, and the terrace on the other, which extends into the framework of the houses and is bridged by the line of sight between the first two rooms.

An experienced project team guarantees the unique character of the properties and professional project management.